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How to Sneak Alcohol on a Cruise ?>

How to Sneak Alcohol on a Cruise

It’s well known that alcohol on cruise ships is incredibly expensive. However, there are a number of ways you can sneak alcohol on board and bypass having to buy the expensive drinks.

First thing to be aware of is you should not just refill empty water bottles. Water bottles are put through a “shake test,” because alcohol and water don’t create bubbles in the same way when shaken. Cruise ship staff will often go through and shake all beverage bottles.

If you really want to do the refill bottle method, take a six-pack of clear soda like Sprite or Sierra mist and fill them with rum. Rum bubbles similarly to soda. Also, if you can keep the bottles looking as untouched as possible, the better your chances are. For example, get the drinks in a six-pack with the plastic rings and don’t take them out of the plastic rings when you are refilling them. Also, buy extra bottles and cut the tops off of them, caps and all.
If you boil the tops in water, they’ll get soft and you can slide the still-sealed caps off and then screw them on the bottles you want to bring aboard. They’ll look brand new.

Also, mouthwash, like Listerine, has a very distinctive color and smells a little like alcohol. Empty out your mouthwash and put a clear liquor in it and then use food coloring to match the color. Just make sure you rinse out the bottle so the taste doesn’t transfer.

Another method that works really well is to bring saline solution for contact lenses. Ideally, get a bottle that comes packaged in a cardboard box. Rinse out the saline solution and fill it with alcohol and then lightly glue the plastic covering over the cap and then superglue the box shut for good measure. It’s not very likely that they will open a box that seems brand new and sealed.

One of the most popular methods for sneaking alcohol on a cruise is using bag flasks, or “bladder flasks,” like Booze Cruise. The benefit of using these is that they can mold their shape, so you can pack them in your checked bags. Because of their odd shape, they won’t be flagged by the security cameras. Also, women will often use the small or medium bladder flasks to line their bras because even if you are searched, you almost certainly won’t be asked to strip.

The most important thing to remember is that if you do get caught, do not be confrontational about it. It happens all the time, and they just take the booze. It will only really develop into an issue if you make a scene. But if you follow these tips, you won’t have to worry!…

7 Ways to Perk up Your Cruise ?>

7 Ways to Perk up Your Cruise

Cruises are the most fascinating thing for a vacation and you can add fun element to your holidays by doing these 7 things:


  1. Get there the night previous than your booking and extend the fun: Well, it sounds simple, but hundreds of cruisers factually miss the boat each year for the reason that of late flights, traffic, bad weather and other unexpected troubles. You always find people boarding in stress and always missing their bookings. You can fly or drive into your port city the night ahead of your booking and you simultaneously go around pre-departure jitters and add a day to your vacation.
  2. You can say ‘Bon Voyage’ in a trendy way: Nothing kick-starts a cruise in a better way than a little spurge, and the cruise lines are happy to obligate with the advantage that you’ll look like a hero to your better half. Most of the lines present gift packages that will be coming up for you in your cabin when you register.
  3. Stay away from the pool: At full ability, most of the ships and cruises can hold up to 6,000 passengers and many will have their eyes set on the pool of the cruise. Sorry to say, mega-ships only have a fraction of the chairs needed to put up everyone. The result is that the mass of humankind sun-burning in tandem on chairs they allege early and won’t give up. So if you want your trip to be memorable, avoid the pool.
  4. Eat on your own terms: Most of the chief cruise lines keep on supporting group dining at an approved time. If having small talk with the same kind of strangers every night at the same time is not a problem with you, you must go for it. But countless options flourish to divide the routine: If the ship is in port late, you can go and have dinner, rather something inhabitant. Order room-service breakfast if the services allow and have a picnic on your balcony.
  5. Stay on the cruise and enjoy: The unattractive little fact about port calls is that you hardly get to see the place you’re going to visit, and you have to pay a high price for all the privileges if you have booked an outing. If you can tolerate not spending 6 hours crowded on a tour bus, you can always stay on the ship. Most facilities are still open, and you’ll have them to yourself.
  6. Get a spa pass for yourself: There’s a lot of opposition when it comes to at-sea spas in recent times, but there’s no requirement to avoid with a ludicrously expensive massage if you want to bubble bath and soak yourself.
  7. You can go to the disco: Yes, it might be that dancing whole night is not your idea of enjoyment. But what was the last time when you enjoyed, played bingo or ate at a buffet? You must shake it up a bit. For the most part, cruise ships start to snuggle down by midnight, except there’s a floor party or some other event. You can meet a number of appealing characters and super-charge your celebrations in the ship’s disco and you can have a time of your life.